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September 30, 2007
Touring Buenos Aires

I took this picture many years ago in La Boca.

Today I took a tour of the city with bus lines 152 and 64.
After lunch, I took the 152 bus on Santa Fe Ave. and went to emblematic La Boca. I’m very sad because none of the photos I took were actually taken. My camera started showing a problem with its LCD screen in the last few days. I thought it was just the LCD, but today I found out that the problem might be at the CCD sensor, which is why, none of the pictures I thought I was taking today, were actually taken. I’m very sorry, because today was the last day of artist Liber Fridman’s exhibition at the Benito Quinquela Martín Museum in La Boca. Anyway, I decided to share my tour with you.
Taking the 152 bus will let you see the 9 de Julio Avenue and the obelisk, the Plaza San Martín, the Kavanagh building and the Torre Monumental (see my previous post), the Casa Rosada, Parque Lezama and it will leave you 3 blocks away from Caminito, one of the main spots that visitors can’t miss in Buenos Aires. From the Alto Palermo Mall to Caminito it’s a 30 minutes ride on a Sunday.
The Benito Quinquela Martín Museum houses this artist's artworks and has a nice terrace with sculptures of other Argentine artists. From there you can get a pretty good view of the area. Today was a beautiful day and I’m really mad I couldn’t get the photos to share with you :(
Next to it, you’ll find the Museum of Paper “La Villa”, which opened yesterday! Fundación Proa is also located in La Boca.
When you get tired of art you can enjoy the picturesque scenario that Caminito offers. You can read the excellent post that Alan Patrick wrote on his blog Buenos Tours.
When I was tired enough, I took the 64 bus. If you take this line, you can enjoy watching many characteristic spots of the city, like the Casa Rosada again, the Plaza de Mayo, the Cabildo and beautiful Avenida de Mayo. Along this avenue you’ll see many neoclassic and art nouveau buildings, like the historic Café Tortoni, the Palacio Barolo and many others, until you reach Plaza del Congreso and the Congress.
From this bus, you will also take a glimpse at other important avenues of Buenos Aires, until you get to the Botanical Garden, the Zoo, and furthermore, China town. It took me 45 minutes to get from La Boca to the Botanical Garden. Take into account that if you take this bus during weekdays, it will definitely take longer.
I'll be posting this in Spanish another day. Have a nice week!

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